Sunday, May 26, 2013

Origami Owl vs South Hill Designs: Why I Went With SHD

Unlike most of you, I have been living under a rock for the past year or so because I only recently became aware of the phenomenon that is known as floating lockets. I hadn't seen any, at least that I noticed; no friends were holding parties; no one I knew sold them. I may have heard the name "Origami Owl" being thrown around a time or two, but I never really paused to think about it or look anything up.

That was until a coworker asked if I knew anything about Origami Owl. A friend of hers was having a party and while I knew I couldn't attend, I was ready to submit an order that day. But wait, I thought. If no one around me has really heard of this yet, wouldn't it be a good idea to get in and start selling? I've done direct sales several times, though my last experience had left me a bit weary. I knew that something like this, though, I could do. I could wear my locket proudly and tell everyone I knew just how much I adored selling lockets!

Fast forward a few days and I finally had time to sit down and join Origami Owl! But wait...I needed a number from a current designer or I'd be added to a wait list? But I didn't know any! So off to Google I went, searching for a designer I could sign under. I found one, sent off a quick email letting her know I was joining with her # (she encouraged it on her blog, of course), and off to sign up I went!

But wait... I was still on a wait list? What is this tomfoolery?! I was assured the O2 staff added new designers every week and my wait would be nothing at all! A week, two maybe. I could start booking parties, I could order through my upline, but I had no real backing from corporate yet - I was just a Designer-in-Waiting.

I was added to two FB groups, my upline's and also a 'waiting room' group. There were so many of us, eager to join and start selling this wonderful product! But wait, we couldn't use the O2 name or likeness for anything - we weren't yet designers. We were assured that shipping issues were being handled, that the 'Nest' was quickly working through waitlisted designers to get us on-boarded. We were linked a nifty little tool to check our place in line!

I joined the waitlist on April 28th. Today, May 26th my 'place in line' is this:
Yes, that does say 15,009.
I wish I'd thought to take a screengrab of that first day. That number, it's gone down oh.... perhaps 100 spots in a month. 100.

The waitlist is apparently designed to help keep 'The Nest' from being swamped with new kits to go out. Understandable...I suppose, but highly frustrating.

A few days after I became a 'DIW', a lovely lady by the name of Jennifer contacted me. A former nail tech herself, we shared an interest in not only nails, but sharing our story with a locket. And thus, I was introduced to South Hill Designs.

Believe me when I say I did my research prior to joining. A company that has the same product? This can't be legal, can it? Let me tell you - O2 wasn't the first to the 'floating locket' market and they definitely won't be the last. Sure, there's a cute story behind them about a girl who wanted her first car. South Hill Designs intrigued me - there was no waitlist, customer and artist reviews were higher, there were no 'shipping strikes' in China to deal with. South Hill Designs is backed by two experienced CEO's and a corporate team that has already shown me in just a month how wonderful and prompt they are!

And the best part? South Hill Designs lets you get started for just $59! You don't have to buy a social kit to become an artist (though I highly recommend it if possible - the retail value of the products you receive is well worth it and you WILL have people wanting to buy lockets right from around your own neck!)!

Though I've only been an Artist for a month, South Hill Designs has changed my life in such a positive way. I'm making new friends, finding new ways to take time for ME from my hectic life as a full-time mommy AND full-time office worker. Best part, though? I'm making money! Can't beat getting to wear gorgeous lockets that everyone will ask you about (I do mean everyone) and getting paid to do so!

On top of their 5-star customer service, South Hill Designs also has a better compensation plan for their Artists and AMAZING Hostess rewards. Having hosted other DS parties before for friends, I can tell you that the rewards are sometimes misleading and also disappointing. But not with South Hill Designs! Not only does the company pay out the Hostess rewards, it rewards them in two ways: credit towards FREE jewelry and half-price items depending on sales volume! For an example of a basic social, check out my entry here.

South Hill Designs is an amazing company to be a part of and I'd love for you to join me! You can email me for more information any time at or simply jump right on my website and join today! No waiting, prompt shipping and the support of a great company and many other Artists! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! :)

UPDATE: It's been six months since I joined SHD and I'm still insanely happy with my decision. I am part of a company that has not only an amazing support network and corporate staff, I've been able to do great things with it! When I wrote this, I was still pregnant with my second daughter. Since then, I had my water break at 29 weeks and was admitted to a hospital for six weeks of bed rest. Unable to work my conventional job and therefore only bringing home 66% of my paycheck, I was able to build my business from my hospital bed. I sold lockets to my nurses and doctors, recruited other ladies in my same position and had a great time doing it. It was something to keep me distracted and also gave me an opportunity to keep making money while on bed rest!

Luckily, things worked out and my daughter was born at 35 weeks and was absolutely healthy. Now a mom to two beautiful little girls, I'm working toward making SHD my only job (the only reason I stay at my current job is because I love what I do and I love the people I work with).

Since joining, SHD has had its national conference where they announced the launch of an amazing array of new products, including a locket bracelet. SHD is constantly adding new charms and bringing new products to our catalogs. Our products are upscale quality without the upscale price!

What are you waiting for? Contact me today to join!

Andii Stanley - Independent Artist #22819